Learning to blog

Hello,I’m Kim and this blog is to document the last few weeks of my Textiles and Surface Design degree at Cleveland College of Art in glorious scenic Hartlepool.

When I can work out how to do it I will be posting some images of work in progress and links to things I’m inspired by at the moment.Unfortunately its still clockwork internet up here on Witchmountain so it may take a while.


A curlew

4 responses to “Learning to blog

  1. Like the banner!

    Give me a shout if you want to borrow my ‘digital’ internet and you can hop off Witchmountain and venture down into civilisation. Bring your own milk!

  2. bring broadband to the Moor, if we shout loud enough they might just listen.x
    Do you have inside plumbong up there??

  3. ahhh that should of said plumbing it’s dark and late.
    god whats a plumbbong

  4. Plumb Bong ? Huh ? Ha !

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