Saint George’s Day


Hello, today is St.Georges Day and also my birthday which I am about to celebrate with a pink moon biscuit from Botham’s in Whitby, sent to me by my good friend Helen whose lovely Etsy shop you can visit by going to .She uses sea glass to make beautiful jewellery as well as recycling wool to make hats and hooded jumpers.( see pictures above)

I still can’t upload images from my home on the hill so here is another link to look at until i can get back to modern technology.
Hugh Dunford-Wood is an artist and designer now making hand printed wallpapers and running courses down on the south coast. I used to do freelance work for him, painting silk, way back in the colourful 90’s.
Now its time to get on with a bit of work of my own…

One response to “Saint George’s Day

  1. Jane Thorniley-Walker

    Hi Kim

    Happy Birthday – I hope you enjoyed your biscuit. Don’t forget that the birthday celebrations continue tomorrow. Your work looks great – keep sewing, but no pressure … ahh!


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