Encore une fois

Saturday late afternoon already and I’m supposed to be doing embroidery or sticking portfolio pieces to mount board but I got sidetracked by trying to order broadband. Plusnet.com apparently, so I’ve been told…watch this space.
The week has flown by and the next fortnight will go even faster I guess, as I rush to get everything done. The digital printing yesterday was a bit dissapointing as it turned out the very expensive silk I got from Whaley’s was the meanest meter ever and half the print didn’t fit…lesson number one:size is important, always measure things properly!
Time to return to the glueing; pictures follow shortly.( for those who don’t like words)

“If No One Speaks of Remarkable Things” Jon Mcgregor book of the week “Accelerate” REM music of the week “Encore Une Fois” DJ Sash uplifting moment of the week!)


4 responses to “Encore une fois

  1. Hello:) the blog looks good! and you hav loads of hits woman! must be eveyone looking at the plumbong comment. hope your feeling better, and carrying on with your work! xxxx

  2. All Looks cool. Keep it going!!!!!!!!!

  3. the blogs coming along nicely…..
    i feel its my turn to be distracted from doing the folio boards now.

    p.s. your impressing me with your blog stats and its been less than a weeks.
    you put me to shame.

  4. Encore Une Fois ? French ? huh? Ha !

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