Is it spring yet?


Monday morning blues; I’ve spent all morning trying to speak to a human being about my phone line, you’d think I lived in the middle of nowhere… Here are some views of the crazy frost we had on Witchmountain in February, it was really beautiful. I think it may be Spring now though as the air smells of wild garlic (Bear garlic!) and Balsam Poplar.


These images are part of my Final Major Project, based on Northern myths about bears. I have used various print techniques and embroidery to create designs for children’s fashion.I forgot to mention before that I was lucky enough to be awarded a bursary from the York Embroiderer’s Guild, their website is in my links. Now I really have to go because its hand in day for Professional Practice. And I’ve got too hooked on this blogging lark.x



2 responses to “Is it spring yet?

  1. Balsam Poplar ? Huh ? Good call.
    Nice bears. Ha !

  2. pretty late but this i sa lovly read

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