Lonely Hearts

These designs were for a project last year which was inspired by the “Soulmates” pages in the Guardian and Religion clothing which I really liked at the time.It was fun trying to photograph them on the dressmaker’s dummy who has wonky breasts since she fell over and squashed one!
So, I got my portfolio handed in and came home where I decided to unpick all the work I’d done over the weekend and re-do it! it was worth it though as it looks much better, the problem being that time is marching on and getting 12 pieces done by May 12th is going to be impossible if I keep unpicking it .
I’m working at home today to save petrol, angry French people are on the radio discussing May’68, they are all talking at once which is so annoying but I’m too lazy to get up and switch it off. If I did I would hear the Curlews swooping about outside and the Swallows who have suddenly reappeared this very morning.


One response to “Lonely Hearts

  1. lovely lovely work kim! where was the photo of the mannequin taken?! some posh house by the looks of itx

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