Bank Holiday Weekend

In the dark forest, collage and drawing
Hello again. I don’t know if anyone is still reading this but I’d just like to say to everyone at Cleveland College of Art, Good Luck getting everything finished this week! I have a huge list of things I want to do as soon as this project is handed in, its going to be so nice to be outside in the garden or actually doing some exercise instead of being glued to the kitchen chair sewing and drinking too much coffee.

Today I have been sorting out my sketch books which, as I speak, are still looking like a big pile of waste paper on the kitchen floor, with no covers, because I’m printing and embroidering some fabric to cover them. Today’s picture is a page from my visual studies book which includes collage, watercolour and a photograph I took of the woods nearby ( it looked like bears may live in there).I really liked the drawing of the foxy wolf thing but decided it might be a bit sinister to use in children’s wear ( I used to be terrified of the fox who lived at the bottom of my bed and bit my toes when I was little…I think now it might have been pins and needles!)
Well, the grass is growing and covered in blue Speedwell (?), I want to go outside but must return to the needle and thread.
More soon.

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