International Dawn Chorus Day

I wasn’t intending to be awake to listen to the dawn chorus, even though the Today programme on Friday suggested everyone got up at 4am to have tea in the garden and listen to the birds.
For some reason I was awake anyway, so I listened to them all going mad until a chicken from next door started kicking off and it suddenly went quiet…how long is the dawn chorus? Do they stop after a bit and just get on with other bird things? (Look at )

Today’s bear is a final sample piece, screen printed and embroidered using both hand and machine;its “wool voltaire” with appliqué and layers of chiffon and digital print.
This weekend I have managed to get some odd jobs for college done such as covering all my sketch books and trying to cobble together a few more final pieces. Yesterday my kitchen was in chaos as I had bits of fabric taped to the floor for printing and various jugs of dye dotted about a little bit too close to jugs of coffee…
Project report needs writing now so goodbye until next time.


One response to “International Dawn Chorus Day

  1. Liking your work. Finishing post in sight !

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