Morning Mr. Magpie

What a gorgeous morning, I’m so happy to be staying at home today instead of treking into Hartlepool and feeling my spirits sink the closer I get. Its a strange drive though; like being in one of those speeded up nature films since things are only just emerging up here, trees in bud etc. but down in the lowlands its a riot of blossom, dandilions and council bedding schemes.

Anyway today’s task is to finish some of my final pieces and think about how I could display them ( I was thinking of making hangers out of twisty branches maybe?)I also need to get all the random bits of experimental sampling,drawing and so on, stuck into my book rather than in a pile on the kitchen floor.The bear(above) is one of these random bits…too small to be a final piece unfortunately. The magpie is from the Minor Project, a digital and heat transfer print with machine and hand embroidery on vintage woolen blanket.
Right, I have to go and make a start, but first I might have a look at this blog which I found last week, interesting to see what other people graduating from similar courses are up to…


One response to “Morning Mr. Magpie

  1. thought you could do with a comment, so here you are. all very nice

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