A Walk in the Woods

I’ve just got back from a lovely evening at the opening of Jane Thorniley-Walker’s exhibition at Mount Grace Priory where the paintings competed sucessfully with the amazing surroundings.
We walked down from the village through the woods which were full of Bluebells, Forget-Me-Nots and my favorite wild garlic flowers. No bears to be seen but there was a family of mice which hopefully didn’t all get eaten by the owl that was hooting on the way back…
Later, Becky let us have a go with the “Bat Detector” which means you can hear the bats as they flutter about overhead.I got talking to a friend from the village who told me about her upcoming exhibition with the Designer Bookbinders in London.Angie studied Textiles but has since become a well respected bookbinder and has published books on the subject which I hadn’t realised ( Angela James “The Handmade Book” New Holland Books) Not for the first time I felt so lucky to live in this place which is not only beautiful but full of wonderful creative and inspirational people.

Meanwhile, Two days left to tidy up sketch books and finish sewing and putting things together. The dress above is a final piece,discharge printed wool serge, applique and embroidery with chiffon layer. The book cover is by Angela James.
Wish me luck!


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