Hand In Day

Here are a random selection of images to celebrate handing in Final Major Project yesterday. One is a strange family photograph featuring me, my mum and my brother with our Daddy as cameraman! The other two are part of a second year furnishings project that was based on the Wienner Werkstatte. Not my strongest project but I do quite like the final painted out design which survived a major coffee spill disaster and was actually improved by it! The sketch book page shows samples of heat transfer print on cotton velvet, a technique I’ve enjoyed exploring in further projects.This project was entered for the Bradford Textile Society Prize, which was won that year by Leanne Hodgson from my yeargroup.
Well, I can’t believe four years of study is over ( apart from the degree shows ), it feels very empty here in the kitchen without the piles of fabric and paper and thread and beads and general junk. Typically the heat wave is over now that I have time to enjoy it and the garden has gone crazy,time to get out there and knock it into shape…


4 responses to “Hand In Day

  1. Well Done Kim! Four years, eh? You started your degree around when Ben was conceived – that seems like an age ago now. Can’t imagine how you managed to keep dragging yourself off to British West Hartlepool week-in, week-out. Good luck with the final reckoning. If it was me, I’d give you a first just for the bears! Great photo too – whan was that taken?
    Love, ~N x

  2. and furthermore…

    I have downloaded the full sized images of your work to study in detail and I must say, WOW! Your talent is incredible, your skill evolved and your imagination evocative of a utopian dream of the old country. I love the blue flower print above – mesmerising and highly commercial if you don’t mind me saying. You are brilliant, Kim, brilliant! 🙂 xXx

  3. woah that first photo took me ages to work out, your daddy is cooool 🙂 we’re defo going to come up to witch mountain soon, maybe next week? anyway i’ll text you soon and sort it, and i’ll let them all know!x

  4. like the photo’s…. aaand I told you the coffee stain looked good when you brought it in that day whislt you were pulling your hair out.

    lyndsays right. we’ll have to come over and see you sooon like we have said for many months, but now the works all in I guess they is no more exscuses not to.

    Im still feeling slightly stressed for some reason??……

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