The Window at Gunnerton

Here is a picture, taken last year, of my lovely children in front of the stained glass window designed by their Grandfather, William Tillyer, in 2007. The church is a tiny Arts and Crafts building in the village of Gunnerton,Northumberland; a bit off the beaten track and so quite a surprise to find such a contemporary work there.
Meanwhile back on Witchmountain I am already fed up without a project to work on, so I’ve spent today doing some heat transfer prints on a length of black and white calico that was screen printed in second year. I’m going to make it up into lavender bags to put on the “Garden Produce” stall I’m sticking by the side of the road in a desperate attempt to raise some funds before going to London for New Designers next month! Not exactly high powered business I know but it’s keeping me amused until my brilliant career takes off…
I also intend to start drawing again soon so will be posting some images as soon as I can. (Unfortunately the broadband idea faded away due to BT being utterly useless and unable to sort out my Victorian phone line, what is a “line concentrator” anyway?)

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