What Now?

Goodness how time flies; I can’t believe its only just over a week since the end of Final Major Project. Already quite a few people have had job offers, including Lyndsey McBean whose work you can see on her blog and also at deviantART.
I went in to college today for a talk on “Intellectual Property”, so now I know all about Starbuck’s logo and why Coca-Cola changed their recipie but I’m still pretty much in the dark about what to do about finding some work and paying the bills! Anyway, I took advantage of the college computers to upload some pictures which means I can keep writing this blog for a while longer.( Anyone still out there???) I’ve also joined a group on “Ning” called Stichin Fingers which has been set up as a discussion forum for textile people…it may be interesting, too early to tell yet.
Bear of the day is my favorite print sample which I had originally intended to make up into a dress rather than just a “garment shape”…I now wish I had done that because then it would be possible to sell it in the future, perhaps on Etsy.This image shows the print before the addition of some raised embroidery in bright greens. The other image is another portfolio board showing work from First Year based on carousels, maps and caravans.


2 responses to “What Now?

  1. aw kim i love you! sorry about yesterday i turned round and you’d disappeared! anyway just give me a text whenever you can be bothered to have a load of idiots round ur mountainside :] x

  2. alicia in Hawaii

    Hi Kim, I like your blog! Love the bears…I found you via Stitchin Fingers 😉 smiles, alicia in Hawaii

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