Hello, since I have no more images of recent work at the moment, here are some flowers I painted in first year as part of Visual Studies. We were told to use two different styles to depict the same subject, so one is thick, drippy acrylic and the other is water colour,and really thinned down acrylic.For me it was the first time I’d tried to paint on a large scale(A1) and using media I don’t normally use so I was surprised and pleased by the end result.
I have to confess I’ve been feeling a bit gloomy this week (see Lyndsay McBean’s blog for notes on negativity!) We started producing the degree show catalogue and it’s hard to imagine how it will look when its done…hand printed on waste board with “show cards” for each student.It could look fantastic and very original,I hope so because its got to reflect the hard work we’ve all put in and the fundraising we all did to pay for it.I think I’ve been really worrying about the “What Next?” thing too, but this weekend I’ve been sorting out business cards and thinking about who I can send cv’s to.There is a temporary job at “Oilily” which I would LOVE, its my dream job, but its in the Netherlands…I will send a cv anyway but would have to leave the kids home alone with 6months supply of Pot Noodles or something!! No harm in dreaming though.


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