Forty Shades of Green

Its raining for the first time in ages and I’ve been listening to Johnny Cash after watching “Walk The Line” at the weekend. Brings back memories of the old 8Track stereo in my Daddy’s mustard yellow Ford Mustang!The forty shades of green outside my window have now turned to blue.
College today was all about finishing the boxes for the catalogue (they do actually look quite good afterall…) and having our photos taken for the gallery (maybe not looking quite so good but they did Photoshop our spots away!”They airbrushed my face” as Michael Stipe once said..!)
I got a bit of time to upload some more images, so today’s offerings include : a drawing of a floral motif which I used for digital print,a set of books covered in printed fabric,a dress with owl applique and vintage lace bodice and a detail of a dress design with hand and machine embroidery.
Right, back to making business cards. Goodbye for now.


One response to “Forty Shades of Green

  1. just found your blog from Stitchin fingers, love your style.

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