Leaves,Flowers and Giant Bugs

So, next week is the big week with the Degree Show opening night on Thursday. We get Monday and Tuesday to put it all together, I haven’t seen my space yet but I hope its not too big because I’m worried I haven’t got that much to hang! I will have to go for the minimal look.

Its taken me ages to get around to posting this because for some reason “Safari” kept “unexpectedly quitting “whenever I tried to use WordPress. It let me do everything else though so maybe it was a hint! Anyway I just had to dash into the village to download Firefox instead and it seems to work miles better.

These pictures are from various projects, first, second and third year, with the little jacket being one of my favorite pieces from Minor Project. It’s a combination of techniques on recycled woolen blanket,including heat transfer printing and appliqué using heavy wool dyed with Elderberries.The design still on the hoop is part of a dress for Final Major Project,you can’t really tell in the picture but the flower is screen printed devoré cotton so it is actually transparent.

I’ve been getting some nice comments on “Stitchin Fingers” which have been cheering me up alot but I still need a plan of action for finding work. We had an Enterprise Day at college yesterday. The most exciting thing about that was hearing about Platform Arts who are converting part of Middlesbrough train station into studio space for artists. Middlesbrough has had a pretty grotty image so this project, as well as Mima and Cleveland College of Art and Design ought to help make it a bit more vibrant and cultured…hopefully.

Meanwhile, its all wonderful in the garden. We spent yesterday making improvements to the willow house which now almost has a door, thanks to Jake, and no thanks to a HUGE BUG which made us all scream like fools ( I think it was a Cockchafer, can that be right?!!).


5 responses to “Leaves,Flowers and Giant Bugs

  1. I do like the jacket, Wool blankets are wonderful things to work with. Good luck with the show.

  2. The work is beautiful. Hope the show goes well

  3. good luck on your final! i found these amusing http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=11969480 you should get me one. your works wikid mam 😉

  4. hope the degree show goes well as I know it will. hugs. xx

  5. Hi Kim, my cousin Louise Stainsby just emailed me your blog link, apparently you were at school together. I work at CCAD at Green Lane on FdA Film TV which is why she sent me the link. I’m going to have a look around the show today so I’ll keep an eye open for your work. Best of luck with the show and the future.

    Regards, Andy

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