Misty Mountain Hop

Well its been a while but here is the view from my hilltop, taken early one morning ( which is highly out of character for me).

The opening night of the degree show went pretty well, although at one point I had to do a bit of emergency repair with masking tape and a hammer& nails. Thank you to every one who came, and those that didn’t still have time ( until June 15th). As usual I will post some pictures when I get near civilization but for now you will just have to believe me when I say that everyone’s work looked great and so did they, what with all the posh frocks and skyscraper shoes. I think we all got really stressed putting the show up, knowing it had to make the work look it’s best but only having a day to do it. I really wish I had given it more thought (there was a piece in “Creative Review” recommending that a degree show should be approached as a project of its own, not just flung together at the last minute) but in the end I reckon it wasn’t too bad;its always hard to view your own work objectively and its a shame that you often learn from your mistakes when its too late to change anything.

Meanwhile up on Witchmountain the grass is high as an elephant’s eye and the sun has got his hat on.A runner bean has decided to emerge at last but at this rate there I won’t be overrun with produce! on the subject of gardens,here is a link to a blog written by the guy who designed our degree show catalogue, he’s also a dj, (calls himself Tubbyphunk) but the garden blog is Homies & Gardens

I’m off to brew a pot of coffee and treat myself to a Violet Cream (or several).

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