orange bear

Here is another bear to celebrate having had 1000 hits since starting this blogging lark;thank you. The drawing is a study sheet from my sketchbook and includes some motifs adapted from those used by the Déné and Kaska tribes of Native American Indians.

Today we had a visit from the external examiner who talked to us individually about our work and how we felt about it. She had also read our dissertations so it was nice to get some feedback from someone coming to it from a fresh point of view.

Today was also the day for planning the rota for New Designers which was a bit like getting toothpaste back in the tube! Quite a few students have interviews for Texprint while they are down in London. This is a great opportunity for them so, GOOD LUCK.

Tomorrow I’m going to take some photographs of the degree show and hopefully post them when my friend plugs me in to his Ethernet… so keep tuning in.


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