What Goes Up Must Come Down


The show came down alot quicker than it went up, thank goodness and I now have 4 years worth of work piled up on my bedroom floor ( hope the dodgy beams hold out!).Next stop New Designers, July 3rd-6th. Here are a couple of details from Final Major Project, no more bears after this, honestly! They are heat transfer prints on cotton velvet with hand embroidery. The red bear is my favorite, he started out as an experiment using stencils and painted splodges, and as often happens, turned out to be better than the “real” pieces.


I looked on Tubbyphunk’s website this week and found some images of our show catalogue. They do look pretty good all together like that but I still can’t decide how they compare to previous years. I love the “eco” concept and the handmade element, but it would be interesting to know what “the industry” thinks of it. Anyway, for more points of view take a look at Carl’s blog and www.tubbyphunk.com.


At the weekend I painted the bathroom green and black and watched Atonement at last ( yes I cried, of course I did). I wish I could just swan about like Keira Knightley in that green dress but actually I think it may be time to put on my wellies and mow the lawn.



2 responses to “What Goes Up Must Come Down

  1. there cannot be a war without two fair and equal opponents and im fraid that you can beat me 500 times over!! boo hoo! why won’t u be at new designers for the awards night!? im finding it really difficult to find somewhere to stay. them lot are doing hostel but i can’t bare to share bathroom or bedroom with that many people. so im forking out for a hotel even if it means im lonesome!

  2. p.s that film ‘hostel’ has put me right off hostels

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