Singing in The Rain

What a grey and miserable Midsummer’s Day. I’m sheltering in the kitchen before I have to go and do a bit of farming while my neighbours are on holiday.

Anyway, here is a cheerful character to brighten up a wet afternoon! Hippy Doll is a true vintage, circa 1967, I don’t know what my mum was thinking when she made this for me(!) but let me say she has been a fantastic role model, particularly her inability to sit up straight and her mad curly woolen hair!

I’ve finally sorted out my room and found a home for all my work… under the bed.I have an interview on Monday so I’ve been trying to put a portfolio together.Unfortunately I also found a crack in the wall through which you could actually feel the wind blowing..I thought it got a bit chilly in there!

The piece above was one of the designs for digital print that didn’t work out properly. I wanted to use it as a background to stitch into. Below is a design for a skirt that I made last year using my favorite heat transfer technique and layers of inkjet printed organza.


Well, I must go and brave the weather now. Just time for a quick recommendation…have a look at the work of Penny Macbeth who is Jane Thorniley-Walker’s sister. She does amazing portraits and makes wonderful flamboyant clothes and textile art. What a talented family!



One response to “Singing in The Rain

  1. Hi Kim
    Heard you were doing a blog so thought I’d search you out. Loved your work at your degree show- it all came together -well done. I also really liked Carl’s prints and Zena’s embroideries. How are you finding wordpress? I have also just installed it as I am going to start a blog on my web site on ‘Making your small business greener’. I have just ordered lots of recycled paper samples for my stationary- that will probably be my first entry, some are made with Rhino and elephant poo- sanitized in an eco way of course!

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