so. Central Rain

The view from Witchmountain is not like this today, the sky is heavy as lead and it feels like October. I’m really looking forward to London now as my head is starting to be as cloudy as the sky with too much thinking and not enough doing.I need a change of scene and a bit of inspiration.

These are details from sketch book pages and a little tiny moccasin I made to draw. I’m going to have a go at making some that will fit me, but its always a bit annoying making things that have to be a pair because the second one just seems like a chore! I guess I should have more patience.

I know I promised no more bears but this one just snuck in without asking.

I had an interview on Monday with an agent (very rare this far from London) and have been asked to have a go at doing some designs for girls age 6 to 11. Its all exciting but also makes me realize that college hasn’t really prepared me for the reality of being asked to produce “at least” two designs a day. I also need to “clean up” my designs and get to grips with Illustrator…a steep learning curve.

So, time to put aside the computer and do real things. Until next time…

2 responses to “so. Central Rain

  1. we hear a rumour that this site is the work of young lady with a 1st under her belt.

    well done, a really really brilliant achievement.x

  2. Personally, I find your bears are exquisite! I wouldn’t care if all the images were of them! This one, for instance, makes my heart melt a little. Your work is, and always has been, of surpassing wonderment!

    And you got a 1st? wow, Kim, you totally deserve it! Your inner sparkle shines through your skilled and tiny fingers! We need more Kim’s in this world 🙂

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