New Designers (or, Down in the Tube Station at Midnight)

Hello! Its been a while, due to extreme technical difficulties (a broken power cable for my vintage Mac). So anyway, YES!!!!, the rumour is correct, I did get a first, which is a big first for me! Its been a long journey from Foundation Course drop-out back in Harrogate in the 80’s to finally graduating twenty years later! I must admit it was bitter sweet getting my results as I walked towards Highbury on Upper Street, remembering how much I had hated my first attempt at a degree, Applied Social Science at North London Poly! I was in London for New Designers along with all the rest of my group. A week of highs and lows…the first low being when I saw how my work had been hung…too high to comfortably look at the embroidery. And the highs including the after party at the Carling Academy and some lovely walks along the river in the sunshine.In the pictures( sorry about the quality I only had my phone) you can see some views of the stand with Lyndon and Jayne making notes and Sara Collins in front of my work as well as Sam Bullock’s and Lyndsay McBean’s. Sara deserved to get alot more attention for her designs which I would love to see actually made up into clothes – really lovely screen prints on satin for womenswear and bold prints in quirky colour combinations on little girls dresses.

This is the view from the café and shows the roof of the Business Design Center which leaked overnight on Friday and ruined some work on our stand…compensation claims are already in!

Back on Witchmountain the garden has run wild in my absence and the lawn is a meadow of Clover and fallen Rose petals. If the rain ever stops I will sort it out but for now I must return to drawing and catching up with possible contacts from New Designers.

Have a great summer CCAD folk, well done and keep in touch.



2 responses to “New Designers (or, Down in the Tube Station at Midnight)

  1. Well done, you deserve it 100%, bears especially!

    Keep at it, the new work’ll be a breeze when you get into it 🙂

  2. congratulations, well done 🙂

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