I’ve been trying to make some of the experimental designs I did on fabric at college,into “flat” paper designs for an agent. She was interested in some of my work, but wanted them clean and flat. I’m not sure if I’m doing what she wants, it feels a bit as though I’m working backwards and over simplifying things.Anyway, I’m having a go but need to work about 100% faster and stop being distracted by the other bits of life.

As I have said before, Osmotherley is full of talented people and I have recently been talking to Lynne Hugill who has set up a business designing web sites with an “eco” theme. Lynne has worked as a designer for a lot of big companies, including Disney, but her passion is green issues within fashion and design. If you’re thinking of building a web site for yourself take a look at Bamboo Web Design and keep it green! Anyway, I’m hoping she’s going to share some of her knowledge with me and a few others by giving us some much needed “Illustrator” lessons.

I think could do with some photography lessons too but here is the Willow House in full bloom, with Jake’s half finished door…that sunny weekend seems along time ago, I think we had visions of lazy days full of picnics and outdoor living, but its not turning out to be that kind of summer. The rainbow was the biggest, fattest rainbow I’ve ever seen, now if only the pot of gold was just the other side of that wall…

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