“If Birds Sing Through Life Then Why Can’t We?”

Good news… I finally got paid today for the work I sold at Indigo in February!

Bad news… The cheque will only half cover the cost of a new wheel and random piece of plastic for the car after I hit a rock in the road last week. Sheep had knocked a bit of the wall down and it was impossible to avoid on a blind corner, oh dear.

This week I’ve been spending quite a lot of time ( but not enough) doing these paper designs which I’m taking over to the agent tomorrow.I’m going to spend some time at the studio watching how they do things and probably being told I’ve been wasting my time with the painting I’ve done this week! I can’t help feeling that since my strong point is embroidery and loose, expressive drawing, I’m not really showing my work at its best…

I do quite like the one with the orange flowers though, I’ve added one stitched flower and it would look nice as a large design on a child’s T-shirt perhaps.The birds on the left look a bit better now they have some legs on.

Other good news this week does NOT include the inevitable rain which just won’t stop and which has made the water from the taps turn the colour of John Smith’s Best Bitter. I did get an e-mail from “Trend Bible” who have asked for images to go in their publication which forecasts fashion trends for future seasons. They liked the red and white bear dress, which is also my favorite.So I sent a good quality image via the old dial -up set up and after 29 minutes realized I had sent it to myself!

Right, Its time to play Illustrator and drink a little more coffee.The scene below is my kitchen table looking like a hive of industry.Its cold though, I need something to light the fire. Its JULY!


2 responses to ““If Birds Sing Through Life Then Why Can’t We?”

  1. don’t drink too much coffee. Three blue birds and orange flowers, very beautiful.x

  2. Yeah – cold here too… Windy in the middle of the winter. The other day I actually had to put a T-Shirt on! 😮 Love the birds – all three sorts. Economy of line and the flow of your curves. Really pleasing 🙂

    Spoke to a friend (Joanne) the other day – she’s a knicker designer for M&S & Gap. Said, “My friend Kim has been asked to produce 2 new designs every day!” She said, “Yeah? That’s normal!”

    She’s a pro and maybe you’d like to hook up w her via mail? I’ll send u her address if you mail me. She’s also looking to start something new…

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