I Like…..Birds

Here is one of my first attempts at designing using Illustrator. Its good fun but I’m starting to think its really not me. Well, I suppose if I became totally fluent using it, but at the moment it just looks very flat and unsophisticated. Ah, well, early days.As you can see I haven’t even worked out how to save the file properly as this image shows the whole work space not just the printable part!

I’ve had some good feedback from New Designers this week- a weeks work placement at Tigerprint and an invitation to work with an agent based in Cheshire. Tigerprint design all the gift ranges for Marks&Spencer and are a branch of Hallmark so it should be interesting seeing how that industry works. The agent also sounds really positive, she seemed to really like the work she’d seen in London.

Its difficult at the moment because of the school holidays. I really want to get on and DO something, work on a project, start the rest of my life post CCAD, but its too tempting to be distracted by the children and the garden. Everyone seems to want feeding all the time and never at the same time and never the same thing!

I had a look at Carl and Lyndsay’s blogs and they both seem to be busy being creative.Carl is working on T-shirt designs which will be for sale at Darlington Creative Market…I’m not sure what or when this is so I’ll have to find out more because it sounds like it might be worth a day out. Lyndsay is about to do some work placement at Hallmark.

Time for coffee and making plans.


One response to “I Like…..Birds

  1. Tiger Prints and agents from Cheshire, all sounds very exciting.

    The post CCAD train is picking up speed nicely.x

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