Here are some lovely things I’ve been looking at, and getting inspired by… I’ve been painting my room and while shifting stuff around I came across this gorgeous green silk shawl that my dad gave me for my birthday years ago. It has three embroidered butterflies on it and very long tassels that get in a big knot, but it looks great hiding a pile of boxes; rich green against the “Mulberry” walls.Maybe I need to buy an iron though…!

Louise Broomhead, a freelance textile designer working for Gilbey & Cheyne,  kindly admired my degree show on her blog this week.I had a look at the slide show of her work and felt even more inspired to do a bit of stitching and drawing, Thank you Louise!( For copyright reasons I’ve removed the image of her work but you must take a look at her designs and cards which you can buy via the link on her blog)

Sorry about the quality of these pictures,at least they upload fairly quickly. I thought I should put a few stitchy pieces here since its all been getting a bit too flat and computer generated lately. The bird on the right is the original fabric sample that I’ve been working on reproducing on Illustrator and Photoshop.

Must be coffee time by now? And then I shall summon the energy to go and empty the paddling pool which has turned an unhealthy shade of green- a bit like that shawl!


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