August and Everything

Just a quick one today, as the inevitable rain batters the windows and the thought of taking a trip to the Northern Green Gathering seems less and less appealing!

I found out last night that Claire Salway from CCAD was a runner-up in the Como-Texprint competition which was won by Helen Greensmith. I couldn’t find any images of Claire’s work but I’m sure they’ll be updating the website soon; so WELL DONE Claire!

Also, browsing about last night I saw that Rob Ryan has opened a shop on Columbia Road ( near Brick Lane in London). It looks great and I can’t wait to take a look next time I’m in the big city.I loved his stuff,after seeing a piece in Vogue a bit ago where he’d made a dress out of cut paper. The skirt below is a bit like a fabric version, and I’m really regretting not buying a signed copy of his book ” This Is For You” when I saw it in Shelf ( on Cheshire Street, also near Brick Lane).

As usual I’m off for a coffee fix…I’ll need plenty this week as I’ve just found out I’m farm-sitting all week.Oh and this week marks the 2000 hits milestone on this blog so THANKS to whoever is still reading… any ideas how to celebrate? I thought I should give a prize to the 2000th visitor but since I don’t know who that was …



2 responses to “August and Everything

  1. still reading, still enjoying what I read 🙂

  2. nice, cool, funny

    ever thought about writing a book.x

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