Perfect Circle

Lovely English August; I’m huddled under a blanket in the kitchen with toothache and a bad case of gloom! It just hasn’t felt like summer all summer, and now I’m thinking about where I should order some firewood from.

Well,as you can see I’ve been making circular motifs using elements from a drawing of cow parsley.Its fun building these shapes but I got carried away and forgot that they should actually be in a formal repeat.Repeats have never been my strong point due to the basic maths involved and the need for careful measuring! What I’d love would be to print out patterns like this and then stitch into them but this doesn’t seem to be what’s wanted by The Industry…

Its Tigerprint day tomorrow so I should be packing whatever I’ll need for a week in Bradford. The information pack said “bring your own scalpel and anything else you might need..” but what? It sounds like Lyndsey McBean had a great time but I have to admit to being a bit worried since gift design wasn’t something I did much of at college.

Well, its just a short one today, hopefully I’ll have lots to tell you when I get back; although apparently no pictures as whatever you do there remains the property of Tigerprint, hmmm.


2 responses to “Perfect Circle

  1. looks like you illustrator skills are coming on pretty good.
    hope everythings well and enjoy bradford;]

  2. love the circular images and your birds . you know you can use brushes in illustrator if you think images are getting a bit flat. Also you can make stitching- I have loads on my computer will send to you with instructions! thanks for the kind words.

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