Water Water Everywhere…

I’m feeling a bit fuzzy today after staying up till 3am reading “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini, I’m only up to Chapter 10 ( 1981) so looks like I won’t be sleeping much till I finish it. Staying up until 1am trying to do repeats with Illustrator isn’t doing much for my beauty sleep either but at least I don’t feel at all guilty about my slow mornings drinking coffee and doing this blog.

This weekend I’m thinking of taking a trip to the Moors Center at Danby where my art teacher from long ago is having the opening of his new exhibition of water colours. Richard Pottas recently quit teaching at Whitby Community College to concentrate full time on his painting, and I must say these are really different from the work I remember him doing back in my school days.Here are three images of his work, you can see more on his website, or better still, go to Danby!

Back to the drawing board for me now..Wow, the rain is insane out there! Is it the end of the world as we know it? I seem to have talked about rain far too much this year!


3 responses to “Water Water Everywhere…

  1. i loove that blue design, is that yours you little bugger!!x

  2. i mean the one with the squiggles!

  3. Sorry, I just had to edit this post to make it clearer they’re by Richard Pottas not me!

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