Diamond Days

I took this photograph last year, in the days when autumn used to be misty and golden with dewy crystal spider webs and purple heather fading to rust.Not this endless parade of grey days and a feeling of constant dampness, like waking up in a tent wearing yesterday’s clothes, yuk!

I’m dying some fabric today,ready to start some freelance designs for New Leaf who are based in Cheshire. I’m really excited about this opportunity because Lisa Graham who owns the agency seems so positive and complimentary about my work. I still think it will be a long time before I see any income from freelancing but I think its just important to keep going because otherwise all that hard work at college will have been for nothing.

Thursday will soon be here and as promised I managed to get a couple of images of the new paintings we’ll be going to see.I think if you look at the website www.Tillyer.com you might be able to see them better, as for some reason they have come out very tiny on this page, they’re actually huge! Take a look at the picture of my daddy in his studio and you’ll get a better idea of the scale. There’s also a video which my brother made which shows “the artist at work” for those of you lucky folk with broadband. Anyway, lets hope that the work gets the critical acclaim it deserves and shows that contemporary art isn’t all about diamond skulls and clearance auctions.

Time to throw another log on the stove and get some stitching done.

2 responses to “Diamond Days

  1. MORE WORK. jesus, you are popular mrs! well done 🙂 x

  2. i like your dads new stuff..
    aaand especially nice to see how he actually works.
    interesting indeedy ;]
    hope london went well.

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