Private View

I’m back on my mountain after a wonderful weekend in London.The highlight of course was Thursday evening and the private view of ” The Cadiz Caprices” at the Bernard Jacobson Gallery. Wow! the paintings looked great and I didn’t even know there were water colours as well…talk about work ethic! I wish I had half his energy. It was lovely to meet some people I hadn’t seen for about a hundred years and also some who are genuine fans of my dad’s work. ( have a look at Brian Appleyard’s blog). As usual,I apologise for the quality of these pictures , taken with my phone.

We must have walked nearly 20 miles over the weekend but it was worth the sore feet to pack in a visit to the Photographers Gallery, the fantastic, atmospheric and slightly creepy Viktor and Rolf exhibition at the Barbican and lots of frustrating shop browsing. I fell in love with everything from All Saints and discovered Desigual. Desigual are a Spanish company who have been around since the 80’s in Spain but recently opened a store on Regent Street which is a riot of colour , texture, embroidery and print. Saturday was a mad dash over to Columbia Road via Spitalfields to take a look at Ryantown and get that signed book! ( and also an old green and cream enamel pan(!) from Vintage Treasures…I think that was the name).Now I must finish some designs and try to earn some money so I can afford that top from Desigual! By the way, what do you think about posting images of current work on the internet? How do you balance self promotion with copyright issues? just a thought….

2 responses to “Private View

  1. now i understand what you meant when you text me the other when you said you were at the opening and you would send me a pic.
    didnt realise he was exhibiting.
    i cant belive they are watercolours.
    whats the rob ryan shop like then?

  2. p.s.
    the new work looks good.
    but i cant help but wonder about the self promotion and copyright issue sittuation to.
    something thats always baffled me..

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