Hatful of Plums

I just took a walk around the overgrown jungle that is my poor neglected garden and came back with a hatful of plums and these pictures, which include a strange bird I made one day when really I should have been doing something else.I didn’t get the beak quite the right shape so its expression is a little odd, really not very cute for all the time it took, but yet… too cute to unpick.I thought I could make loads to sell for Christmas but now I’m not so sure! Perhaps I could pickle it and try to auction it at Sotherby’s!

Things are very late up here which is why the Artichoke has just appeared and the pumpkins are flowering, too late to ever make fruit.The green, purple and pink colour scheme is good though and still looking quite summery despite the rapid browning of the surrounding moors. I really am going to do some drawing soon but right now I have to finish the final design in a group of 6 so that I can get them sent off by Friday.I’m pleased that I’ve managed to get them done in just over week but a little nervous about how they will be received…its a lot of time consuming work with no guarantee of any income at the end of it all. Anyway, I’ve finally found the pen for my Wacom Tablet (lost in the chaos of the kitchen) so its time to crack on!


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