Alban Elued

Happy Autumn Equinox! ” The Earths Cycle of Celebration” by Glennie Kindred suggests this is a time to “connect to your inner pathways,rest, re-charge, slip out of time ,dream awhile” This seems like a good idea so I’ve lit the fire and I’m sitting with a big mug of coffee, a stack of biscuits and some half done embroidery. Actually, rest is the last thing I’ll be getting as I need to finish another six design samples by Wednesday, in time to catch the post, and I’ve had to take on a few shifts at the pub due to extreme credit crunch!

So today’s offerings include a sketchbook page and a product board from my Lonely Hearts project.Lately I’ve been digging into these old college sketchbooks for new inspiration and feeling quite jealous of friends who are still at college and just setting out on new projects and shiny new sketchbooks!

Now I’d better get on with some work so I’ll leave you with these beautiful images of the work of Heidi Turner. Heidi is another of Osmotherley’s creative stars along with Jane Thorniley-Walker,Angela James and Lynne Hugil. She won the Hand and Lock prize in 2006 and is now working on commissions and teaching as well as being a constant source of support and inspiration.


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