“Dead Letter Office”

I wanted to put some new pictures here today but the camera wire has disappeared , I’ve searched through boxes and boxes but no sign,its so frustrating. I think it could be a hint that I need to do a bit of autumn cleaning and getting organized. Anyway these images are of a skirt design, another bit of the Lonely Hearts project, which was mainly done using heat transfer printing but also included screen print, digital print and embroidery.

I managed to get 10 designs (girls tops/dresses) in the post today; only two short of the twelve I had been hoping to get done. The crazy Post Office situation meant I had to send them today or they would never get there by Friday.Osmotherley P.O. closed in the summer so now we have a “hosted service” in the Village Hall three days a week- unfortunately the actual post is only collected on Fridays which is insane.

I will have to wait like a nervous wreck to see whether all my hard work has been in vain, I’ve been worrying that the agent will be expecting the same level of detail that was in my college pieces, which would be nearly impossible if the general work rate needs to be at least six per week…

Now,its almost time to get the fruit cake out of the oven. Its a birthday cake for my parents so it will need lots of marzipan…Happy Birthdays Tillyer Parents!


One response to ““Dead Letter Office”

  1. Hi Kim! Started Professional Studies today with Leanne – and she recommended we have a look at your blog (in prep for us starting ours) … it really is lovely – your work looks fantastic (as ever) and it was great to read you got a first! Well deserved – congratulations!! Look forward to reading your progress over the next few months! … (i’ll let you know if I ever manage to get one up and running!). Good Luck with everything! Suzanne x

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