Orange Crush

What an amazing morning! The mist in the valley below the house looks like a lake and the hills beyond are islands. I spent a bit of time in the garden yesterday, trying to weave the willow house back together and cutting the “lawn” which was two feet high!

The camera wire has resurfaced – Jake had cellotaped it to the kitchen door when I got back from work last night!- so here are some details from a recent design on linen and wool tweed. The photos are so close-up they make the fabric look like cross stitch fabric, its actually some nice linen that I found in “Boyes” and dyed “Goldfish Orange”, yum!

Today I think I might go and see an exhibition at Ryedale Folk Museum by Cheryl-ann Taylor. She is artist in residence and the exhibition “explores the construction and meaning of the dress by weaving together beautiful yarn, a strong sense of colour,delightful beading and exquisite knit stitches…”

Then its back to the grindstone with a new batch of designs…although I haven’t heard yet if the last lot were any good yet…

Good luck to everyone on the Textiles and Surface Design course at Cleveland College of Art and Design who are just starting a new term and new projects.Some of them are making blogs so I’ll look forward to seeing them soon and thanks for having a look at mine!



One response to “Orange Crush

  1. I love this design! Where do you sell your work?

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