Winter Bird

October already. I went for a walk yesterday (and about time too, lazy beast!), the moor was rusty orange and brown,Rowan berries and skeleton cow parsley. As usual my camera failed me, or rather, I failed to feed it new batteries so I can’t show you how wonderful it all looked, but here is what I did for the rest of the day…

I’ve started a new group of designs, this time on fleece so they’re more obviously WINTER! I did a bit of heat transfer printing with stencils and then worked into that with embroidery. Annoyingly, it looks much better from the back(story of my life, ha ha!). It just looks more sketchy and spontaneous…still, there are five more to do so hopefully things can only get better…

Apparently I was very close to selling a piece of work in America last week, but at the last moment the client changed their mind. At least I got some good feedback, but close is not near enough.I will feel so much better about all this time spent sewing if I actually ever sell something.

Meanwhile, its time for another shift at The Golden Lion so I’d better go and try to make myself look respectable. At least there is an endless supply of good coffee!

(Reading: “The Constant Gardener” by John Le Carre

Listening: Bjork “Vespertine”)


2 responses to “Winter Bird

  1. ooh a new post! i love the oranges, very autumny!! 🙂
    here is how i did the copyright cos it is useful to know
    *i copied a ⓒ symbol from the internet and pasted it into the document on photoshop
    *then go to filter > stylize > emboss
    *once that it done click on the layer and right click and rasterize the layer. this just makes it a flat layer rather than a text layer.
    *then on the layer pallette theres the section with all the different filters, it is just set at ‘normal’. go to the drop down list and change it to ‘hard light’
    VOILA… sounds hard but really is simple

  2. actually, do the rasterize thing before you do the emboss part. sorry! im crap!

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