Indian Summer

A misty view of the hills for you today, with a very fat Impy looking greedily at the nettles! I’ve had such a busy day ( after a slow start ) managing to do a bit of painting and decorating as well as spending a productive hour or two in the garden where I collected masses of potatoes, some sweetcorn and some very weird deformed carrots.

My one and only sunflower stares out across the hills wistfully,if it ventured into the field Impy would eat it quick as a shot!

Anyway, its now time for sitting and sewing, with a large mug of coffee and some white chocolate. I’ve been having fun with the heat transfer paints which work fantastically on fleece- just be careful not to melt the fabric. I sent another batch of six designs off yesterday and I’m just about to start work on the final three of this group.

Tonight was the first meeting of the North East Fashion Network in Hartlepool. I wanted to go but had to make a choice between that or a talk by Timorous Beasties in Newcastle on Monday. Carl had got me a ticket so the Beasties won. I’m looking forward to a day in Newcastle with maybe a trip to the Baltic and its fantastic bookshop.

Now I must work and hope tonight I won’t be kept awake by a giant full moon glaring through the window.


One response to “Indian Summer

  1. wow what a view. Must be nice living in the clouds.x

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