Red Sky in The Morning…

Looking through a rain spattered window at 7am one morning last week… what a sky! The rhyme “Red sky in the morning, Shepherds’ warning…” held true and the rest of the day was stormy and grey.

Well last night was Timorous Beasties night at Dance City in Newcastle. It was interesting and encouraging to hear Ali McAuley and Paul Simmons talk about how they set up their business in the middle of the last recession, at a time when Minimalism was all the rage and wallpaper was very unfashionable.These days Timorous Beasties have shops in Glasgow and London and design for a variety of other companies as well as maintaining a strong connection with the hands-on process of drawing, design and traditional methods of production. One of my favorite projects was the building in Bristol for which they had designed and created a massive floral stone plinth with the help of a gravestone engraver!

So, apart from a lonely hour spent waiting for a train connection on Darlington station, I had a great day out, thanks to Carl who organized the tickets and also prevented me walking into a wall in the dark and weird Steve McQueen installation at the Baltic!

Back on my mountain,with enamel pan of coffee warming on the stove, its time to get back to the stitching…


2 responses to “Red Sky in The Morning…

  1. wow your work is wonderful I am going to keep an eye out for your work – well done

  2. “Red sky in the morning, Shepherds’ warning…”

    Red sky at night, the oil refinery’s alight!

    – Alan Coren, Punch, the 1970’s…

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