“I Sit At My Table…”

This was the scene at my kitchen table yesterday as I tried to do some canvasses using worn out heat transfer stencils, paint and stitch. I’m looking for things I can make that people might actually buy, since the designs I’m doing for New Leaf are only garment shapes.Other than buyers in the fashion industry, who wants half a dress or just the front of a cardigan!? Anyway, I’m not sure about the canvas idea because as soon as you make something that is intended for someone’s wall then it starts to call itself ART and that is a whole other ballgame…!

I hung some of my latest creations on the line in the sun, before they got posted off. They looked quite sweet and made me feel as though they would look good as real garments, in fact I might have to make some and see if I can borrow a small child to model them!

Yesterday I had a look at the Hand and Lock website to see who had won this year’s prize. Two of Maria Lavigina’s images are shown below and the stitching is so immaculate it makes me feel as though I’m doing mine with two left hands. This year ( 2009 that is) the competition is open to anyone rather than just students so I’ve downloaded the brief, just in case!

Now I must go and see if my neighbour can lend me some chicken food because its getting dangerous setting foot outside the door, those little beasts are ravenous!


One response to ““I Sit At My Table…”

  1. Hi Kim,
    Your paintings are delightful and intimate, i love them.
    I’m a friend of Maria’s, and was looking for more pics of her work. I was the third place for Hand & Lock.
    I’m very pleased to stumble across your work.

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