Glennie Kindred describes Halloween as: ” A night for making inner journeys, for facing fears, consulting with the ancestors.” Its wintery up here on the moor so we’re celebrating Samhain with a big pan of pumpkin soup and some cinnamon-apple cake, while the pumpkin lantern I carved this afternoon glows cheerfully.We were going to have a bonfire but its far too wet out there.

Here are some sketchbook pages from my project on folklore and witchcraft. I’m busy with another group of designs but wishing I had time to spend making a sketchbook. The books I did at college are so useful; since I don’t have as much time to draw I’m reworking some of the ideas I didn’t have a chance to use at college.

Well, the soup is bubbling so I must go. Happy Halloween.x

One response to “Samhain

  1. happy halloween.x

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