Big Apple


Hello, and apologies for not writing for a while. I got an e-mail today inviting me to go to the opening of my Daddy’s latest exhibition in New York.Unfortunately I will be far too busy stitching and trying to keep warm here on Witchmountain so I’m passing the invite on to any one who may happen to be in the Big Apple next week!!Here is some of the press release…

“We’d love you, or anyone you know who may benefit from a blast of Spanish colour, to come along to the opening of William Tillyer’s ‘The Cadiz Caprices’ at the Jacobson Howard Gallery 33 East 68th St 6th Floor New York on December 2nd between 6pm – 8pm.

The works have been described by Jon Yau in his essay ‘The Painter as Doubting Thomas’ as “the greatest abstract paintings about Spain by a non-Spaniard since Robert Motherwell began working on his ‘Elegies for The Spanish Republic’ around 70 years ago”.

In his essay ‘William Tillyer: Painting’s Corpus, an Anatomy Lesson’ Saul Ostrow states “what he has learned from his experience has resulted in Tillyer extending abstract painting beyond its traditional bounds”. William Tillyer was singled out in The Sunday Times by Brian Appleyard as the man to watch in the Art World – “Many people think he is the finest painter in Britain. Many people may be right.”

For more information have a look at the website,


Anyway, part of the reason I haven’t been writing so much is that I’ve been talking with Lisa at New Leaf about copyright. I think I mentioned in a previous post that I wasn’t sure of the situation regarding copyright of images on weblogs.Anyway,it seems that it is very important to display © on all designs and all sold work must be removed from view or I could end up breaching copyright with my own work! Also apparently some buyers won’t even consider buying a design that has already been seen on the internet. Not that I expect Catimini and Oilily are reading this blog but its worth knowing that. For this reason I’m posting some old sketch-book pages instead of work in progress and in future will be following Lyndsay Mcbean’s instructions and adding a © watermark to any designs( and only showing part of a design not the whole thing) For more information take a look at


Now time to stoke up the fires, we’ve had snow and ice here so I’m reading “Little House in the Big Woods” by Laura Ingalls-Wilder and getting cozy with a mug of chai.

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