Message in a Bottle


The trouble with working at home is that there is so much distraction, or rather, it is too easy to sit in pyjamas reading left over bits of the weekend’s papers! I should be sewing but I’m including updating this blog as part of my working day as it’s providing a link to the world beyond Witchmountain.

I was e-mailed by a student at CCAD this week and after a discussion about natural dyes she mentioned that my work was featured on WGSN (an online resource for students and professionals giving access to trends, inspiration and industry news). Its so flattering to see that they picked my designs after seeing them at New Designers and lovely to get a bit of an ego boost ( how nice to be included in the “Generation Now” section, ha ha!) but it’s made me wonder again about how on earth use of imagery can be controlled, or even if it should be…

If Helen hadn’t pointed it out to me I would never have known that WGSN had used images of my work, particularly as you can only access the site with a PIN number given to college.I guess they must have an arrangement with CCAD because photography at New Designers is not allowed without permission.


I was pleased to get to the Designer’s Market in Middlesbrough last Thursday, there were some great stalls and I’m kicking myself for not getting my act together in time to take one myself. It was so good to see a few people from my old college group and get inspired to start making some stuff to sell.

Time is the thing ;so enough of this waffle, its time to get some work done! Goodness, how am I going to fit Christmas in?

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  1. kim kim kim kim kim you are the best

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