A Taste of Honey


A belated Happy New Year to you! Above is a clue to explain my absence. I think I may have cleaned out the remaining stocks of Trevor’s Heather Honey making strange and slightly alcoholic cold remedies. The worst thing has been the terrible New Year gloom that I have only just started to shake off. Is it because I broke a mirror on New Year’s Day or First Footed my own house after a nasty shift at the Golden Lion? Anyway the design work hasn’t been going so well and its been hard to remain upbeat and motivated.


Lisa at New Leaf has been fantastic, offering encouragement and guidance. Its such a different world to that of art college. So, whereas I love all things vintage , slightly frayed at the edges and a bit strange ;designing for the actual market involves careful following of seasonal trends and not drawing bears for summer! I have to say it is hard at times, particularly trying to balance what I see as my “real” work (designing) with the job that actually pays the bills ( pub wench!) and also being a fabulous mother who doesn’t ever leave the children home alone with a Potnoodle for tea…(oops!Oh the shame!)


So, here is my kitchen table with evidence of work in progress. Its time I got on with it so here are a couple of links for those in the mood to browse. Helen Rafferty is a 3rd year student at CCAD and has just started her blog. She e-mailed me for some advice and also pointed out that my work was on WGSN which helped to cheer me up a bit. I think it is so important for artists, students, designers or whatever ,to support and encourage each other as it can be a lonely existence. I was going to put in a link to my daughters blog but when I looked she had pressed delete by mistake, apparently it will get sorted out next week!

Back to the sewing hoop now.Lets hope 2009 turns out to be fabulous and full of inspiration and excitement! x


One response to “A Taste of Honey

  1. WOW! Chick someone is working overtime, your web site rocks…..

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