Green Shoots!


Things are feeling a lot more cheerful this week. I’m getting a bit more used to the idea of designing for Spring now that my cold has gone and there are some bulbs trying to grow in the neglected pots outside the door.

I’m struggling to find images to post that don’t cause copyright problems so this one is a muddle of bits from an embroidered design that I’ve disguised by Photoshopping it! Its made me wish I had access to the digital printer and screen printing facilities that I didn’t use enough while I was at college.Talking of college, I found a few more blogs from students about to start their Final Major Project. I really can’t believe it was only a few months ago that I was there; it does feel a bit like watching the bus you were meant to catch speed  past with everyone waving out of  the back window..

I had a visit from Lyndsay McBean who had managed to retrieve some of my old work from Redhill Productions( 5 months later…hmmm) Anyway, she’s got a lot of designs to do for them and I think she’ll do well because her painting and Illustrator work is so good and very professionally presented.Good Luck Lyndsay and thanks for coming to Witchmountain, I love getting visitors… always a good excuse for more coffee!

Right, time for a bit more sewing.


One response to “Green Shoots!

  1. you can’t keep me away! let me know when you are next free and i’m coming up! this time i will bring you a nice fresh supply of milk and maybe some cakes if you are lucky 😛 ill bring carl along too, he will love it! let me know!xxxx

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