Have you noticed how the pallet is often more interesting than the painting? This is my pin-board in the corner of my cluttered kitchen and I think it looks so much nicer than some of the final designs I’ve done lately. I love the dusty colours of the used heat transfer paints and wish the effect on fabric was more predictable. I am pleased with some of the results though; it’s just that each design takes so long and I’m still not guaranteed a sale!

Its been a bad week here on Witchmountain, with shortages of firewood, hay for the ponies and a robbery on Sunday. Someone took Jake’s motorbike from the shed while I was at work in the village.Its not nice to think of someone spotching about while I’m not here and so cruel to steal from a child.

Anyway, on a more cheerful note, I’m hoping to catch a bit of Obama’s inauguration speech before I have to go to work. Last night we had a competition to try and name all the states of America…I got about 40 before admitting defeat! If you can’t make it to Washington D.C. today then Dover Books have an Obama paper doll book so you could act out your own inauguration ceremony! ( Dover also offer a free weekly download of images from their design books if you visit the website ).


One response to “Theft!

  1. WOOHOO obama! theft = grrr! see you tomorrow afternoon witchy x

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