A Trip to the Waterfall


I’ve had fun this morning, fueled by much coffee, sending off some entries for the Tigerprint Valentine competition( since I was shamed by Lyndsay who got her beautiful card done in double quick time.)My first attempt is shown above, in crazily bad reproduction ( the only way it would upload before I turn 90!); you can see all the entries on the Tigerprint blog. Its nice to have a change from the kid’s embroidery designs and mess about on the computer for a while.

dscf1662So, this was the scene last Friday when Carl and Lyndsay brought cake to the mountain and we walked to the waterfall to see if our careers had floated by without us noticing..! It turned out to be an inspiring day because over many many cups of tea, slices of cake and peanut butter on toast, we decided to do some doodling and planned to enter the Tigerprint competiton.Lyndsay showed me a few tricks on the computer as well; so it just proves that its really important to have creative people around you to offer support and encouragement ( and also a bit of friendly competition…I would probably not have bothered with the Valentine thing if Lyndsay hadn’t).Its easy to become discouraged and stuck in a rut without the creative environment of college.

dscf1663Well, the fog has closed in around the house but its cozy in here with my freshly painted stove and calamine walls.I really must sew now, there’s no excuse.

One response to “A Trip to the Waterfall

  1. Hi kim
    I just wanted to thank you for your encouragement, is nice to see people supporting one another.
    faye xxx

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