Solid Air

This blue sky was not today’s; today was fog,mist and endless shades of grey, green and brown. Mud ,mud ,mud. So, is this why I’m stuck in a colour rut, avoiding the bright summery colours that I should be using to make my designs more cheerful and jolly ? I feel like the green and grey have soaked into my bones…

Well, at least I had a productive day ; attending a Businesslink course on “Exploring Self-Employment” and calling in to the Zillah Bell Gallery in Thirsk. The course was fine but not really specific enough for what I needed to know.It was good to meet the other people though and to talk about our ideas. The main point seemed to be to make sure you never undersell yourself, have belief in the value of what you do and do lots of networking.

These beautiful etchings are by Norman Ackroyd CBE,RA. whose work will be exhibited at the Zillah Bell Gallery from February 6- march 21.The staff at the gallery were getting very excited as they unpacked the boxes! Oh I wish we still had all the old etching stuff, I’d love to have a go.

Anyway, I’ve decided this post is dedicated to the memory of John Martyn who died yesterday. I listened to “Solid Air” as I drove to work and still love it, 25 years after I first heard it. These etchings could be made of solid air I think.

So, I hope my electric blanket will have done its job now and it will be safe to go to bed. The wind seems to be battering the windows and the drive home from work was pretty icy…will I wake up to snow? Brrr.

2 responses to “Solid Air

  1. solid air was the first cd we bought, didn’t even have a player at that time and I notice that it is missing from the collection this morning. This means that Ian will have it in the car with him today. He will be missed, one of the few gigs where I was so laid back that I nodded off was his 🙂

  2. Wow! I had no idea John had just died. Remember when we went to Durham to see him with Stuart? I agree with Guzziesue that he was somewhat soporific. I just downloaded his latest album the other day and was reading about how he had lost a leg and about his stormy marriage to Beverly. Wow.

    Were you at Cambridge when we saw him? I can’t remember if you came the the festival with me or not. Did you see Harper and Page there too?

    Funnily enough, as you enter the world of self-employment, I am just leaving it! I have my first full time job, starting in April, as the IT manager for a company here. My first ‘real job’ since 1993!

    It’s about time you came out here for some sun. It’s been rainy and windy here recently and the other night we had a HUGE thunderstorm right overhead which shook the house – with nuclear-sized bangs and flashes. Amazing! All though tho, the temperature has barely dropped below about 25C and mostly it’s in the 30’s!

    Come soon, bring a couple of sketchbooks and your camera and get some inspiration! Like this:

    Love xXx

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