Pity the Fool


No snow yet, but it’s on it’s way so I’ve heard.I’ve been doing a bit more doodling for Valentine cards; combining hand done elements (stitch, collage,drawing,print) with Photoshop.Here is the page from my sketch book and below, the finished design ( As usual all images on this blog are © KimTillyer 2009).The deadline for the competition has been extended until next Sunday but I’ve now used up my 5 entries and I think I should have taken a bit more time over them, oh well.


I just finished feeding the ponies and bolted back in to the house to make myself another pot of coffee and my treat for the day …a couple of books by Nick Bantock. Nick is a collage artist and author , now living in Canada. His book “Griffin & Sabine” was made into a computer game called “Ceremony of Innocence” a few years ago; but I prefer the physical reality of books to virtual reality of the screen.Now my hands have warmed up so I’ll say goodbye for now and snuggle down with those books.

( Oh goodness, I just realized I hadn’t disconnected from dial-up internet when I went outside, chatted with my neighbour, made coffee for David, brought in the firewood….I am going to get a MASSIVE phone bill…)

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