I’m feeling guilty; I should be at work but the road was worrying ,so I turned round. I knew I could get there,getting back was the problem. Oh well, another night in the kitchen trying to build a career as a designer!

I’ve been messing around with paper cut-work; scanning in used heat transfer stencils and playing with them in Photoshop. Of course this means the end result is a bit pixelated but its only for fun, so it’ll do until I decide to give Illustrator another chance.

Meanwhile I found a big bag of ORANGE t-shirts that I must have been going to do something with once. I decided to screen-print onto them and maybe add a bit of embroidery so that I could try to sell them,on Etsy or the next Designers Marketplace?


The orange is a bit mad though, is it a bit too “Guantanamo Bay”? Is this why I got so many so cheap?! Oh dear.

As you can see I’m keeping busy ; just hoping that something good will happen soon.One good thing is that all this talk of Moomins has sparked off a small flurry of comments from long lost friends and family which is so nice and makes life on the mountain seem a little less isolated! Thank you x

One response to “Busy

  1. Heh heh… Lovely to be snowed in! I haven’t seen snow for years and years…

    How about making some novelty ‘My terrorist brother went to Guantanamo and all I got was this regulation T-Shirt’ or ‘Guantanamo Parolee’ or something shirts? Could be a winner and funny to boot… 😉

    Enjoy the snow. Maybe you can order delivery groceries from Sainsbury’s or something? I’m sure they or M&S could get through to you and they both sell coffee, cakes and chocolate!


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