Birds and Flowers

Good grief, more snow, and this time I wasn’t expecting it! I’ve been having to buy those silly bags of logs you get at petrol stations because nobody seems to be able to deliver a propper trailer load.

I was going to post the latest batch of designs today but instead of risking the road I did a bit more to my orange ,bird t-shirts. I think they look pretty good now so its just a question of trying to decide where to sell them and for how much…pricing hand -made things is a very thorny issue.
Well, I didn’t come anywhere in the Tigerprint Valentine competition, the results were posted today. However, I am glad that entering made me pick up a sketch book and do something other than sewing. I’m determined to do more drawing, in fact that’s my plan for tonight, since another night of Golden Lion work has had to be cancelled. Another log on the stove and another pot of coffee, a good mystery on the radio and thats me sorted! I will try to show you the results tomorrow…

( These are details from a recent design © KimTillyer 2009 as usual)


One response to “Birds and Flowers

  1. tucked up with radio 4 and coffee- lovely way to spend the day

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