Lovely Bear


I have  just discovered the work of the Swedish artist John Bauer and fallen in love with this lovely bear and his friend. Bauer’s illustrations are, like the Moomin books, full of  the dark imagery of Northern myths; trolls and forests full of bears and wolves.I’m so glad I stumbled across them during one of my snail’s pace internet research sessions. Bauer’s story is quite tragic though as he apparently drowned in a shipwreck in 1918.

There is a wood just like this near here…


It seems a bit of a cheek to put one of my drawings next to those, but  here is  a very fat rabbit  I did a while ago.


I’ve had quite a productive week and today I took a trip to Middlesbrough to visit Rachel from North East Fashion Network.We had a good talk about business plans, the need for better post graduate support and the lovely shades of yellow and orange you can get from marigolds and alum! Hopefully Rachel will be able to help me write a good business plan so that I can try to get some funding for equipment and materials.

This week I also had an e-mail from Tom Hutchinson. Tom lives in the village and recently graduated with a BA in Illustration. He’s offered to help me with my ongoing battle with Illustrator! You can see some of his work here.

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